How to start a business on marketplaces in Dubai, UAE

How to start a business on marketplaces in Dubai - Makebiz

The E-commerce market is growing every year. It is difficult to imagine a person who does not make purchases over the Internet. There are a huge number of different online platforms in Dubai, where a novice entrepreneur or an experienced businessman can place his goods and declare his store.

Marketplaces in Dubai

Below is the data on site traffic per month. The information is taken from open sources and is relevant on the day of publication of the article.

  • Amazon (domain for the UAE) – 23.3 million visitors per month. Amazon’s main domain has an attendance of 2.3 billion.
  • NOON – 17 million per month.
  • Luluwebstore – 3.3 million per month.
  • SharafDg – 3 million per month
  • Mumzworld – 2 million per month.
  • Carrefouruae – 1.3 million per month.
  • Dragonmart – 590 thousand per month.
  • Dubaistore – 500 thousand per month.
  • Tradeling – 210 thousand per month.
  • Storeus – 200 thousand per month
  • Saffronsouk – 40 thousand per month
  • Myecosouk – 22 thousand per month.

How to start a business on marketplaces in Dubai, UAE

Experienced entrepreneurs usually choose the largest sites with a well-established demand for goods that they plan to sell. It is much easier to take some market share from existing players by providing the best service, conditions and quality of goods than to form a new market and demand from scratch.

To start a business on marketplaces in Dubai, it is necessary to open a local company, choose the appropriate type of license and choose the optimal economic zone. Our company’s specialists will help you understand all the details. Sign up for a free consultation and find out how to start a business in the UAE.

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