UAE is one of the best countries to launch a business

Starting a business involves analyzing various factors that influence the success of future activities and its profitability. The chosen region is of fundamental importance. It depends on the conditions of registration of the company, tax rates, growth potential and others. 

It was possible to compare such factors thanks to the modern capabilities of artificial intelligence, the creators of which — Adventrum Group. After analyzing 52 countries, a rating was prepared, in which the United Arab Emirates took the leading position. 

The parameters of the study include:

  • peculiarities of the tax system, 
  • cost of living of the population and its quality, 
  • average prices for renting a workplace, 
  • speed and availability of Wi-Fi networks, 
  • GDP per capita and its growth prospects, 
  • average time for company registration.

A particularly advantageous position is created by low tax rates (9% on profits), high GDP ($47500 per capita), accelerated terms of opening a company (average — 4 days). The cost of living in the country is also at a decent level — about $980 per month. All this creates favorable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as comfortable living conditions in the UAE.

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