Infrastructure of Dubai for business

Infrastructure of Dubai for business - Makebiz

Dubai is an international business center with a stable economy, loyal tax policy and a lot of highly qualified specialists. In addition to such important indicators for running a successful business, it is worth paying attention to the developed infrastructure of the Emirate. 

The innovative transportation network is represented by all kinds of ways of transportation, which provides a flexible logistical structure. Among land transportation are the subway and road network for cars. Water transportation is served by Dubai’s seaports, the largest of which is Jebel Ali. More than 70 thousand ships a year and hundreds of thousands of containerized cargoes pass through it every day. Seaports made with the latest technologies are an important link in the logistics chain between dozens of countries around the world. In recent years, there has been an active introduction of unique and modern technologies that allow transportation of cargoes at speeds of over 1200 km/hour and use of renewable energy sources. 

The commercial infrastructure sphere is represented by business parks and sectors ideally suited for enterprises of different industries. The telecommunication network covers the whole of Dubai, allowing seamless access to fast internet. 

Free Economic Zones have different specializations, which provides the opportunity to exchange experiences, create partnerships and ensure the efficiency of interaction between companies from the same sector of the economy. 

The choice of Dubai to host the Expo International Exhibition is also a special merit, speaking of the Emirate’s recognition as an international financial and cultural center. Modern and technologically advanced buildings that hosted the events will be used for business and tourism purposes.

The financial sector is represented by major international and national banks, providing stability to the economy and expanding business opportunities in the region. Banking industry is also introducing the latest technologies, making the provision of services more transparent and secure.

The assessment of Dubai’s infrastructure allows us to once again draw conclusions about its favorable geographical location and comprehensive transportation network to ensure efficient logistics, which reduces operating costs and increases the productivity of the entrepreneur.

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