Top reasons to move to Dubai

Top reasons to move to Dubai- Makebiz

When choosing a place to live and work comfortably, it is important to learn more about the country, its traditions, and to identify its advantages compared to other regions. Let’s look at why more and more people are choosing Dubai.

Favorable geographical location at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa contributes to the active development of the trade sphere. It also provides convenient and fast movement between countries, which is useful both for business and tourist purposes.

Developed economic sphere is a guarantee of the quality of life of the population. Statistics show that Dubai’s GDP has been actively growing over the last few years, outperforming other countries. All thanks to the active development of tourism, trade and real estate market, as well as the creation of attractive conditions for attracting investment. The creation of free economic zones with favorable tax conditions allows attracting the largest international companies with highly qualified specialists.

One of the most common languages in Dubai is English, as more than 80% of people living here are expats from different countries. Almost all announcements, signs and signs are in two languages — Arabic and English. This is convenient for interpersonal and business communication.

It is also attractive that a visa can be obtained on several grounds: from freelancing to investment. Especially convenient are sponsor visas for family members. The processing procedure itself is fast and takes up to two weeks.

Foreign citizens often choose Dubai as a promising place to work, where there is an opportunity not only to increase income, but also to accelerate career growth. A thriving economy, high salary levels and strict labor laws protecting the rights and obligations of parties provide comfortable conditions for work and professional development.

Dubai lacks most of the taxes that other countries have. There is a VAT of 5% and a net profit tax of 9% when a certain income is reached. The loyal tax policy also avoids double taxation.

Due to the constant active construction in Dubai, you can find real estate for every taste and purse: from comfortable residential communities to luxury villas and townhouses. The real estate market here is considered an extremely profitable investment with a fairly quick payback.

Dubai is among the top of the safest cities for living. This is ensured due to strict control over the observance of laws and low crime rate. Fines, imprisonment and even deportation are provided for various types of crimes. This is why the Emirates is often chosen by families with children for a quiet and comfortable life.

An innovative medical system with highly qualified specialists is one of the reasons why many people choose Dubai for relocation. Insurance is a must here. The high level of medical services is possible due to the developed infrastructure and the availability of the latest equipment.

For families with children, the education system is also important. The presence of many private schools and universities allows you to choose an educational institution in a convenient location and for any budget. They work according to international standards of different countries. Graduates here receive international diplomas, with which you can enter any other institution.

A wide transportation system includes subway, buses, trolleybuses, land and even water cabs. Renting autos, scooters and bicycles is popular. All modes of transportation provide comfortable travel conditions, even many bus waiting stations are air-conditioned. By the way, the cost of gasoline in Dubai is much more affordable than in most cities and countries.

In Dubai are available all kinds of recreation and entertainment for both adults and children. From passive — parks, beaches, cinemas. From active and even extreme — ski resorts, surfing, amusement parks and much more. Numerous attractions will not let you get bored and allow you to diversify your walks around the city.

Shopping in Dubai is widespread, thanks to the presence of many huge shopping centers with a variety of stores from popular brands to budget outlets. Shopping centers have a large number of cafes, restaurants for every taste and entertainment areas.

The multinational city promotes the development of all kinds of culinary trends. Here you can find cafes of any cuisine of the world and even get to international gastronomic fairs and food festivals.

To summarize the top advantages is worth an interesting fact. Since 2016, the position of the Minister of Happiness has been established in the government of Dubai. He proposes projects aimed at providing the Emirati population with a comfortable and happy life.

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