UAE ranked among the top countries with the best digital services

UAE ranked among the top countries with the best digital services - Makebiz

The government of the United Arab Emirates pays special attention to the development of modern information technologies and the expansion of their scope. Thus, the latest statistics show a significant growth in the number of digital services provided. The region has even entered the top 3 countries by this indicator.

Development Strategy of 2031has given a significant impetus to the accelerated transformation of the UAE in the field of digital government services. The government has allocated $140 billion for this purpose. To achieve the projected results of the program, the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy has outlined the main points of the plan to strengthen and expand the already existing online service delivery ecosystem.

The government is actively supporting modern technology and artificial intelligence initiatives to stimulate this sector of the economy. Government platforms bring together more than 120 services, giving local residents and residents access to a wide range of public and private sector services. The work of various platforms shows their effectiveness and contributes to the further development of digital platforms, the ultimate goal of which is to simplify life and improve the quality of life of citizens. 

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