Dubai Development Plan in the UAE

Dubai Development Plan in the UAE - Makebiz

The Master Plan for Sustainable Urban Development has identified leading action points aimed at improving people’s quality of life and strengthening Dubai as an international financial center. Main points are defined based on the emirate’s projected permanent population growth to 5.8 million. 

The key idea of the program is to abandon centricity and improve several areas of the city. Increased focus will be placed on the Deira, Downtown and Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah, Silicon Oasis, Expo and South neighborhoods. Each will expand and continue to develop in its specialization. There will be an increased focus on the older neighborhoods to transform them into historic centers and preserve their cultural significance. 

Let’s go through the basic points of the current strategy:

1. Changing the architectural landscape. It is planned to build predominantly low-rise houses in order to create comfortable residential communities for young people and families with children. At the same time, new projects will use environmentally friendly building materials that reduce emissions of harmful substances. 

2. Greening implies the growth of green areas up to 60% of the total area by expanding nature reserves, agro-enterprises and walking areas. Outdoor recreation should become more accessible to locals, tourists and residents.

3. Increase spaces for public beaches and bike paths by 4 times.

4. Expansion of the public transportation network. The goal is to provide convenient transportation options for pedestrians who do not own an auto. For example, by 2040, 55% of the population will live no further than 800 meters from a bus stop. 

5. Ensuring accessibility of medical and educational institutions. It is proposed to increase the flow of investment in these sectors by 25% to increase the number of educational and health care facilities to maintain a high standard of living and prompt medical care for all citizens.

6. Development of tourism potential by increasing the number of hotels and places to attract tourists. 

7. Emphasizing the environment: development of resource efficiency systems, as well as updated waste collection and disposal methods.

The Master Plan has defined the fundamental goals and vector of transformation of the region to guarantee the convenience of those living here, attracting expats and investors to a safe, environmentally friendly and ultra-modern Dubai. In 16 years, the completion of all the steps will bear fruit, and the emirate can rightfully be considered the number one choice for happy living, quality recreation and successful business. 

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