Dubai’s tourism record

Dubai's tourism record - Makebiz

It is known that the United Arab Emirates attract foreign citizens to move to permanent residence or open a business. However, we should not forget about the tourist flow to the region, in order to get acquainted with Arab culture, nature and various attractions. 

The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism has published a report on activities, according to which the arrival of 1.77 million tourists in January 2024. Compared to the data of January 2023, the growth is about 21%. This number of foreign nationals visiting Dubai is a new record in attracting tourists. 

Most visitors are representatives of Western Europe and the Gulf (18%), a slightly smaller amount of tourist flow from South Asia (17%). This is how the top 3 countries with the largest number of visitors to the emirate look like. The remaining places were distributed among tourists from Russia and CIS (15%), MENA region (12%), North and Southeast Asia (8%). America, Africa and Australia round out the top. 

Thus, Dubai shows stable growth rates and sets records not only in the economic and financial sphere, but also in tourism, which provides the region with comprehensive development and attractive conditions for investment and business.

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