Transportation business in Dubai, UAE

Transportation business in Dubai, UAE- Makebiz

The United Arab Emirates is a major international transit hub connecting Western, European, African and Asian countries. Convenient location, government support and constant investment flow have provided the region’s logistics system with high demand and united air, sea and land routes of different countries.

Business in the field of transport is quite profitable and promising investment, as transportation is in high demand in the modern market. It is also worth bearing in mind the simplified system of company registration in Dubai and low tax rates. Such firms have the opportunity to sign public contracts with the government. 

The different types of transportation services available allow you to choose several lines of business. For example, land, water or air transportation of goods and heavy machinery, equipment, as well as passenger transportation or fleet management services.

The main stages of opening this type of business are:

1. Registration of the trade name of the company.

2. Choosing an economic zone: FEZ or mainland.

3. Obtaining a license suitable for the selected activity.

4. Obtaining a permit from the Dubai Roads Authority.

5. Renting an office and parking spaces, if necessary.

6. Opening a corporate account.

When registering a company in the UAE, it is important at the preparation stage to start cooperation with specialized companies that can assist with legal and accounting issues. Sign up for a free consultation with a specialist and find out how to open a transportation business in Dubai. 

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