Top 3 Taxis in Dubai


Despite the well-developed transportation system in the UAE, one of the most comfortable ways to get around the city is by cab. Prices vary depending on distance and time.

Cabs can be ordered from anywhere in the city through the main popular applications, which allow you to immediately see the route, price and choose the necessary level of comfort of the car.

Careem is one of the popular services offering cab and carsharing services. There are cars of all classes and many different fares to suit any purse. The cost of the trip is calculated by the meter. Some residents and tourists call this service one of the most popular.

Yango is a cab hailing service in Dubai from Yandex. Three types of fares are available: Business, Business XL and Premier. The price of a trip depends on the time of day and traffic congestion in the city.

Uber is an international cab service that cooperates with a large number of private drivers, thanks to which the search for a car does not take a lot of time. Premium cars are available for ordering in the app, and even Tesla electric cars are available for pre-order.

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