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Sponsor visa to Dubai- Makebiz

One of the benefits of legalization in the UAE for foreign nationals is the ability to apply for sponsor visas for their family members or domestic workers. There are different requirements in each case. 

When sponsoring a husband, the wife’s income must be from 5000 dirhams per month, and a rental agreement for housing in the Emirates must also be presented. A mother can sponsor children with the approval of the Federal Office of Identification and Nationality. When sponsoring a wife, in addition to a valid rental agreement, the income must be from AED 4,000 per month.

For parental sponsorship, there is a salary requirement of AED 20,000 or more per month, two-bedroom accommodation, and a deposit for each parent. It is worth bearing in mind that legalization is also possible with inactive tuberculosis, while continuing treatment with doctors in the UAE. 

Dependent visa for children can be obtained before their 25th birthday. For an adopted child, the consent of the biological parent must be presented and a bond must be paid for each child. A daughter can only be sponsored if she is single. 

The duration of the sponsorship visa is in direct correlation to the duration of the sponsor’s own visa. In case of expiry, the dependent has 6 months in which to find a reason to stay in the Emirates, otherwise a penalty will be charged for each day of stay. 

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