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Russian schools in Dubai, UAE – Makebiz

When moving to the Emirates with a family, one of the most important points is to choose an educational institution for children. The educational system here provides several stages: preparatory or zero classes for kids 4-6 years old, elementary school lasts up to 12 years, the middle level is divided into junior and senior, where education lasts up to 18 years.

For UAE citizens and for residents living here, secondary school education is compulsory. The duration of the school year in public school is 9 months (September — June). It is usually divided into three semesters. Classes start before 8 am and last until 15. The school week in the UAE begins on Sunday. Friday and Saturday are weekends. Various exams and tests are taken at the end of each semester to monitor academic performance. Emirati citizens have the right to free education, while residents will have to pay even for a state educational institution.

This is often why resident families prefer private schools with a choice of teaching language — Russian, English or combined. Some educational institutions also offer programs according to the standards of European countries or combining them with Russian ones. These features, as well as the rating of the school and the age of the student affect the final price for the school year.

If necessary, a child may enroll in school at the beginning of any semester. Most institutions will require testing to determine the current level of knowledge, as well as a list of documents:

— application in a standardized form;

— originals and copies of the parents’ visa and passports;

— child’s birth certificate and immunization certificate;

— photographs;

— information on academic performance from the previous educational institution;

Among Russian-speaking institutions it is worth highlighting Russian International School. Education here is based on federal state standards, which is convenient in case of planned return to the native country. Among the students are children from Russia and CIS countries. There are preparatory classes for kids and the possibility of attending classes on Saturday with additional lessons. The current program «Gifted Children» is aimed at the development of creative and research orientation of students.

You can also consider the Russian educational center «AIST». Children from 3 to 15 years old study here in small groups. The institution offers many areas of study: from classical school subjects to classes of interest to choose from (chess, dance, acting, etc.). The curriculum is based on the FSES.

A high level of English language proficiency allows you to consider schools that draw on the curricula of other countries. Kings School Dubai follows the British curriculum, where, in addition to the core subjects, emphasis is placed on sports and creativity. GEMS Dubai American Academy builds the educational process according to the American program, developing not only mental, but also creative and physical spheres.

Of course, the prices for a school year here are quite high and start from 7000 thousand dollars, but quality education in a familiar and comfortable environment for the child is guaranteed.

When entering the school it is important to go through the process of legalization of documents. Sign up for a free consultation with our specialist and find out more about it.

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