Pharmaceutical tracking system in Dubai, UAE

Pharmaceutical tracking system in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The United Arab Emirates has launched Tatmeen, an online platform for tracking pharmaceuticals. Its main objective is to ensure the security of the entire supply chain of medical devices.

Therefore, the UAE Ministry of Health has launched a single platform useful for drug manufacturers and suppliers, customs officials, distributors and patients. At the moment, more than 1.2 million drug packages across the region are already connected to tracking.

The government initiative makes it possible to increase the transparency of the supply chain, comply with the high standards of the health care system, and learn about the current stock of medicines in warehouses in real time. 

The system works as follows: manufacturers barcode a product approved by the Ministry of Health, suppliers and customs officials can scan the goods during the transportation phase, wholesalers and health care providers monitor the shelf life in the warehouse using the same readable label. 

Tatmeen’s state-of-the-art pharmaceutical tracking system on the platform not only enables patients to receive safe and authentic medicines, but also positions the UAE as a global leader in innovative medical technology. 

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