How to open an event agency in Dubai, UAE

How to open an event agency in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

An event agency is a sought-after and lucrative industry in the UAE. This vast niche allows you to choose many specializations: organizing weddings, business events, conferences and exhibitions, children’s and adult parties. Hundreds of events are held in Dubai alone, from international trade fairs and shows to corporate events and congresses, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Naturally, such a thriving industry presents many opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur.

The event business involves obtaining permits from the Dubai Department of Economic Affairs. Their cost depends on the nature of the events being held. If it is necessary to sell tickets, a separate approval must be obtained. Considering the opening of a company in a free economic zone, it is worth paying attention to the Free Zone IFZA, the specialization of which allows the effective development of agencies for holidays and events. 

Let’s highlight the stages of company registration:

1. Choosing a trade name, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. 

2. Choice of economic zone: FEZ or mainland.

3. Applying for a license.

4. Renting an office (if necessary).

5. Opening a corporate account. 

The process will become much easier and faster when working with professionals in the field of accounting and legal services. Sign up for a free consultation with a Makebiz specialist and find out how to open an event agency.

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