How to open a daycare center in Dubai, UAE

How to open a daycare center in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The growing demand for quality childcare services in the United Arab Emirates provides attractive business opportunities in this field. The active pace of life creates a need to help working parents. Private facilities are particularly popular with foreign nationals who come as families for permanent residence, providing a growing demand in the industry.

When opening a kindergarten, it is worth choosing the most suitable location with accessible infrastructure in a residential area. The premises should meet the standards set by the Office of Knowledge and Human Development. For example, the area is selected on the basis of the approved number of square meters per child, surveillance cameras, a separate playroom and safety equipment. 

The staff of the preschool must have the appropriate qualifications and experience in the field. There are also requirements for the number of children per teacher in relation to the age of children. Before submitting the documents, it is additionally necessary to develop a curriculum and child care manual.

Steps to open a daycare center:

1. Registering the name as per the requirement of Dubai Municipality.

2. Selecting the legal form of organization.

3. Selecting a premises suitable for the activity and equipping it according to health and safety standards.

4. Applying for a license.

5. Registration with the Ministry of Labor and registration of employees.

6. Obtaining approvals from the Ministry of Education and other government agencies.

7. Opening a corporate account.

In order to simplify the registration process and minimize risks, we recommend you to contact professionals. Sign up for a free consultation with a Makebiz specialist and find out how to open a kindergarten in Dubai.

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