How to obtain a criminal record certificate in the UAE

How to obtain a criminal record certificate in the UAE - Makebiz

A certificate of no criminal record is a basic document that can be requested when enrolling in educational institutions, applying for a job and even applying for a visa. The presence of such a certificate proves the law-abiding behavior of a citizen and the absence of problems with the law.

You can apply for the certificate on the official website, in an application or in person at a department of the UAE Ministry of Interior. It can also be issued at a police station in Dubai.

You will have to fill in a standard form and pay the state fee. The fee depends on the category of citizens and location. For example, nationals will pay AED 100, residents 200, and filing from another country — AED 300. The Ministry’s fee for a certificate in Arabic is 50 dirhams, and in English — 150 dirhams.

Of the documents you need to prepare:

  • emirates ID;
  • photo;
  • passport copy;
  • e-mail address.

When outside the UAE, you can submit an online application with a certified fingerprint card at the Emirates embassy of your country. In addition to it, you will need a copy of your passport and last valid visa, a photograph and the reason for applying for the certificate.

The certificate usually takes 24 hours to produce. It is valid for 3 months.

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