What is a Labor Card in Dubai, UAE?

What is a Labor Card in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

Labor Card or Labor Card is a special identification card that proves the holder’s employment in the United Arab Emirates. It is the most important document that unites the government and workers, providing legal employment status.

The work card is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. It contains a photograph and basic information: name, place of residence, country of birth, place of work and specialty. Electronic versions of the document, rather than physical cards, are now the most common.

Labor Card is obtained by both local and foreign nationals upon employment. It guarantees smooth working interaction between the parties and also plays an important role in protecting their rights. By the way, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide the labor card to the employee within 60 days of his arrival, otherwise he will be held liable.

When applying for employment in the UAE, the first step is to obtain a work permit and apply for a resident visa. This process is usually supervised by the employer. Initially, he needs to register with the Ministry of Labor and obtain visa quotas for the company.

Next, a labor contract is signed and sent to the Ministry of Human Resources for review. Before obtaining a resident visa and Emirates ID, the employee receives an entry visa and undergoes a medical examination and biometrics procedure. Once approved, a work permit stamp will be affixed to the ID, officially confirming your employment in the UAE.

Required documents:

  • photo;
  • company license;
  • a photocopy of the passport and the employee’s border crossing stamp (if available);
  • medical certificate;
  • three copies of the employment contract.

Most often, the labor card is issued for two years, then it will need to be renewed within 50 days after its expiration. Only the employer can cancel the labor card. 

The Labor Card is registered in the payroll and sick leave system and is also used for employment-related benefits. You can apply for renewal or make any changes to the basic information at a specialized service center. The number and basic information about your labor card can be obtained there as well.

So, the UAE Labor Card is the main document for employees, providing their legal status and access to the salary payment system.

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