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Salary levels in Dubai - Makebiz

The United Arab Emirates is an attractive place not only for tourists and entrepreneurs, but also for qualified professionals from all over the world. But the question arises: what is the average salary in the UAE? 

First of all, it is worth noting that at the moment there is no minimum wage fixed in the documents. However, the Labor Law assumes the possibility of its establishment for different categories of workers.  

The Ministry of Labor has compiled recommendations on the level of average wages depending on the position, qualifications and experience. The purpose of creating such a document was to maintain a decent standard of living for workers and ensure their basic needs. For example, skilled laborers should receive at least 5000 AED, technicians from 7000 AED, and those with higher education in managerial positions from 12000 AED.

Having an average rate guideline allows a potential employee to understand what payments they can expect to receive, as well as negotiate with the employer for a more favorable contract. 

The average salary level in Dubai is estimated at 20000 AED for 2023. Of course, it depends on the scale of the company, the worker’s experience and higher education, special skills. Here are examples of some types of activities. Director or manager of the company can earn from 30000 AED, recruiter — from 10000 AED, sales manager — from 8000 AED, IT specialists — from 12000 AED, waiters — from 4000 AED. You can notice the gradation of the level of payments depending on the qualification of the employee. 

The amount of wages specified in the labor contract is called the basic wage. It is fixed and must be paid in full if work obligations are met. In addition, the document specifies so-called allowances. They can cover transportation or housing costs, as well as payment of health insurance and flight to Dubai. 

An important advantage of working in the UAE is the absence of income tax for both local citizens and residents. This applies to freelancers as well. However, this can be offset by high costs for accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment. 

Rental costs can vary depending on location. For example, closer to the center, the average cost of renting a studio apartment from 5500 AED.

Dynamic economic development, implementation of large-scale projects in construction and IT, as well as improvement of education and health care systems require an increase in the number of qualified personnel. Dubai gladly welcomes specialists from all over the world, providing comfortable conditions for work and life.

Shortages are evident in the fields of science and engineering, medicine and biology, real estate and finance. The constant opening of branches of international companies also affects the opening of various kinds of vacancies. 

The trends of Dubai’s development as an international financial and economic center offer great career opportunities for both local and foreign nationals with high salaries, various benefits and no taxes.

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