Obtaining an export and import license in Dubai, UAE

Obtaining an export and import license in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

Favorable geographical location, constant development of infrastructure and logistics make the United Arab Emirates a convenient center for import and export business. The license obtained in this industry allows you to participate in international trade, increasing profits and brand recognition.

Import involves the process of importing goods into the country in compliance with the region’s legal requirements for licensing, documents and permits. This license is required for businesses that require goods from foreign countries. It is issued by the Dubai Customs Authority and is used when going through customs.

Exporting is the process of transferring products from the country of origin to other regions for use in trade, which must also go through certain procedures defined by law. Accordingly, the license comes in handy for companies planning to send goods to other countries. 

You can obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development or the freeson where your company is registered. When applying, you will have to list all the goods to be imported or exported. Next, you will have to register with Customs to obtain a personalized code.  

Import transactions will require:

  • An invoice detailing the total quantity of goods and the value of each item.
  • A certificate of origin indicating the source of the shipment, approved by the Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin.
  • A form detailing the weight of each product in the container, the packaging and the HS code for all products.
  • Import authorization from the authorities if the importer is importing restricted products.

Export transactions will require:

  • Obtaining an approved export declaration certificate from the licensing department, which is necessary when passing through customs control at the airport.
  • If the products to be exported are on the prohibited list, the exporter must obtain regulatory approval.
  • An invoice describing the goods, quantity and value of each item is required from the company. It must be addressed to a business outside the UAE.

Obtaining an import and export license is important for your business, but the procedure itself may seem complicated. Makebiz experts will advise on all questions and guide you through each step. Sign up for a free consultation and find out how to get a license in the import and export sector.

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