Entering the Indian market through UAE

Entering the Indian market through UAE - Makebiz

Doing business in the UAE opens up access to international trade, including access to the Indian market. This is facilitated by the active development of business relations between the countries, increased flow of direct investment and trade turnover.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and India occurred more than 50 years ago, in honor of which in 2022, even issued a joint postage stamp and negotiated the signing of an economic partnership agreement involving the abolition of customs duties. Statistics show that the volume of trade after this agreement has increased dramatically. At the moment, all conditions are being created to maintain this trend, with the aim of increasing trade turnover up to 100 billion dollars. 

An important factor is that Indians are the largest community of foreign nationals in the Emirates in terms of percentage of population and the number of money transfers to India. Economic cooperation and the partners’ respect for each other has led to the allotment of space for the construction of an Indian temple in Abu Dhabi. 

The amounts invested in India from the UAE in five years amounted to about $6.5 billion. The most popular sectors are healthcare and construction, financial sector and food processing. In addition to contributing to economic growth, these investment projects create a large number of jobs for the Indian population. 

The cooperation between the countries ensures bilateral development, as companies registered in India also seek to open branches in the United Arab Emirates. 

As a bottom line, relocating or registering a business in the UAE opens up access to the Indian market. For a free consultation with an expert, you can learn more about how to start a business in Dubai.

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