Companies manufacturing and installing vending kiosks in Dubai, UAE

Companies manufacturing and installing vending kiosks in UAE - Makebiz

One of the most common and affordable options for selling goods is to place them in small kiosk islands in shopping centers. In the UAE, you can find many companies engaged in the design and installation of such platforms for trade. Let us highlight the most popular of them.

TransTech is engaged in the realization of turnkey branding projects. One of the services is just the production and installation of kiosks. Among the advantages of the company — a wide choice of environmentally friendly materials, a 1-year warranty on work and its own production.

Chrysels is a popular visual merchandising and signage manufacturer in the UAE that provides comprehensive branding solutions to its clients. One such solution is a wide range of unique and custom kiosk designs customized to meet the client’s needs. The company assembles and installs complete standalone and integrated kiosk systems.

Nam Dubai is a full-service advertising and marketing agency. Offers integrated marketing and advertising solutions to many local and international clients with a distinctive communicative approach. Services include innovative shopping island design with standards and quality assurance.

Naam Creation builds and installs a variety of customized counters for a variety of business purposes. Provides services such as kiosks, trade show booths, retail equipment, themed solutions, custom furniture, sculptures, and more.

Team Visual Solutions is a dynamic, world-class, multi-functional manufacturer specializing in custom visual merchandising. Their extensive 65,000+ square foot manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and their in-house team of industry experts design and build each kiosk from the ground up. The company guarantees strict quality control to ensure superior performance and durability.

Right Source provides workable, flexible and cost-effective retail solutions that match the brand and client’s requirements. Has a highly skilled and experienced team in all departments, from brainstorming to installation, to complete the entire project in-house.

Level offers a wide range of portable exhibition stands and kiosks designed to meet the client’s needs for exhibitions, conferences, events and presentations. The company creates and installs a variety of custom kiosks for shopping malls. Professional designers can provide you with large-scale 3D designs and drawings.

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