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HR recruitment companies in UAE - Makebiz

Bayzat is a complete HR, payroll and insurance management platform in UAE. The company has created a complete software to automate the calculation of salaries, benefits and bonuses, set and track work goals, plan work schedules, etc. The software offers to save time on employee search by screening candidates by artificial intelligence. Automated screening includes skills-based tests and one-way interviews.

Connect Resources is an HR agency in Dubai that helps solve workforce issues and manages the complete employee lifecycle. The software created allows for remote management of HR, payroll and insurance. With the contract staffing service, you can hire employees on specific terms and conditions that will be outlined in the contract.

Gini Talent is an international IT recruitment and employment company…. The recruitment specialists combine their expertise with artificial intelligence-based candidate sourcing technology that takes historical data into account.

Jams offers a variety of HR solutions, from recruiting and onboarding to managing employee benefits, visas and payroll. The organization has an extensive database of active vacancies, matching workers to your requirements and standards and conducting interviews and further training for the position.

MBR Recruitment provides reliable talent acquisition services for a variety of industries: advertising and marketing, finance, public relations, information technology, shipping and logistics.

Nathan & Nathan Human Resource Solutions is a UAE-based human resources and employee outsourcing provider based on people, technology and artificial intelligence. The company provides employers with access to software that helps automate repetitive HR tasks, monitor strategic goals and key performance indicators, track employee well-being, and more. Skilled professionals and the use of advanced tools make the hiring and onboarding process easier.

Pinpoint Human Resource Consultanc is a talent management solutions provider offering consulting and recruitment services to senior executives. The company specializes in providing exceptional human resource consulting and advisory services to leading regional and international organizations. There are also services to develop training, materials and courses for employees of organizations.

Reliance HR Consultancy is a professional staffing firm specializing in global human resource search. The recruitment process is handled by experienced professionals with over 20 years of industry experience.

Tuscan Consulting is a specialized consulting firm based in Dubai that provides personalized staffing solutions to clients. The team offers HR consulting services for a variety of organizations. The work is done in three key areas: HR Consulting, HR Technology and HR Outsourcing.

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