How to check a counterparty’s company in the Dubai, UAE

How to check a counterparty's company in the UAE - Makebiz

Working with counterparties in the UAE, there is often a need to verify the license and legitimacy of the company before making payments. However, there is no single register with information about all organizations in the Emirates.

Some information can be found on the Internet in free access, especially for organizations registered in free economic zones, but the basic information about the company is usually issued only by special authorities upon request.

Among the main ways to check the business, we will emphasize the following:

  • to make a written request to the state authorities, with a request to confirm the company’s location in any register;
  • electronic documentation of some companies can be found using the taxpayer registration number by going to the NER website;
  • the presence of a valid license and business in general can be checked on the website of the Dubai Department of Economic Development, knowing only the name of the company;
  • if the company is registered in Abu Dhabi, basic information on the company can be easily found on the website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • some free economic zones publish company registers on the website of the FEZ of interest using the name and registration number.

It is worth remembering that when interacting with a certain firm, you have the right to request a business license or a «Good Standing» certificate confirming the stable economic condition of the counterparty.

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