Changes in legislation for obtaining a gold visa

Changes in legislation for obtaining a gold visa - Makebiz

Since the new year, simplified requirements for obtaining a golden investor visa for 10 years in the UAE have come into force. The changes will please foreign citizens who were planning to buy real estate in the Emirates worth from 2 million dirhams. 

The Land Department began to accept applications for a golden visa when transferring to the developer from 201 thousand dirhams. That is, to apply for resident status is now possible while the property is under construction, or with the attraction of a mortgage. Recall that previously it was possible to apply for such a visa only after making a payment of 1 million dirhams. 

To consider the application, you need to provide the Department with the ownership contract from the developer, a statement with the amount of payment made and other documents. You can get approval in 1-5 working days. If the builder has a good reputation and close dates of delivery of housing, the probability of approval increases. 

Thus, the legislative bodies soften the conditions for obtaining an investor visa, allowing the use of loans without the mandatory payment of the entire amount at once.

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