Artificial Intelligence Business in Dubai, UAE

Artificial Intelligence Business in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The United Arab Emirates is a region where the development of information technology is particularly fast. This is possible due to the active attraction of investments and qualified specialists in this industry, government support and a stable economy. It is no secret that the development of artificial intelligence systems is gaining popularity in the industry of modern technologies. Such projects are aimed at improving all kinds of spheres in life and work, and some developments made with the help of AI can affect the whole world. 

Statistics indicate that with the help of AI, the UAE economy will be able to attract more than 230 billion dollars by 2030. To fulfill these goals, a strategy was developed in 2017 to make the region one of the world leaders in the AI industry. 

Innovative technologies can be useful for any sphere. They allow delegating some work processes, quickly collecting and analyzing information, forecasting business results, etc. If it is necessary to conduct business on the mainland, it is possible to open a local company that will be registered with the Dubai Economic Department. In other cases, it is worth considering specialized free economic zones. For example, IFZA — provides a full-fledged ecosystem created specifically for the development of technology startups and IT companies. Freezone offers access to various workspaces, co-working spaces and business events, organizing a large partner network for experience sharing and financial growth. 

Let’s highlight the main steps to register a business:

1. Choosing a trade name for the company.

2. Choosing an economic zone, depending on the business objectives.

3. Obtaining a license tailored to the specific type of activity.

4. Renting an office space or workplace.

5. Obtaining a visa for the founder of the company and employees.

6. Opening a corporate account.

Thus, the UAE is a great place to run a successful AI business, thanks to the opportunity to use the region’s advanced infrastructure, government support and the presence of specialized business centers with a focus on IT development. 

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