Starting a business in the UAE if you have a job

Starting a business in the UAE if you have a job - Makebiz

The United Arab Emirates has established itself as an attractive environment for entrepreneurs. But what to do if you are already employed and want to start your own business?

The question often arises: is it possible to combine work and own business in the UAE? Yes, the legislation of the region does not prohibit residents who have a work visa to conduct entrepreneurial activities. However, in order to do so, it is necessary to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This is a mandatory document that confirms that your employer has no objection to your business project. The process of obtaining an NOC can take several weeks.

The NOC is issued by the Department of Economic Development of the Emirate where you plan to incorporate your company. To obtain it, you need:

  • Employer’s consent. He must provide written confirmation that your business does not compete with his business.
  • No non-competition clause in your employment contract. If your contract has a clause restricting your business activities after your termination, you will need to review it.
  • Restriction on ownership interest. In some cases, the DED may limit your ownership interest in a new company if it operates in the same field as your current employer.

While employed in the UAE, it is quite possible to run your own business. However, this requires careful preparation and a number of requirements. Before deciding to start your own business, it is important to study the legislation and assess the risks. To minimize them, we advise you to consult a lawyer. Sign up for a free consultation with our specialist and find out how to open a business in Dubai.

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