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Mina Zayed is the country’s central international port and an important seaport in the UAE. It is a deep-water port located in Abu Dhabi. It is a gateway for general cargo dry and liquid cargo vessels and a destination for international luxury cruise ship tourism. The organization owns a frozen storage area and can accommodate up to 15,000 export and import cargoes of firms.

Jebel Ali is a large port that includes 77 berths with modern facilities. It also has a large number of warehouses for storing a variety of goods. It is located southwest of the city center — 40 kilometers away. Its history began in the second half of the 1970s, and since then it has been constantly reconstructed and expanded.

Importantly, the port has the status of a duty-free economic zone. The entrance depth of 17 meters allows ships with a cargo capacity of more than half a million tons and a length of more than 400 meters to stop here. This port is also called the gateway between the Western Hemisphere and the Far East. For the most part, it provides container transportation.

Mina Khalid is located in the center of Sharjah. It accepts all kinds of cargo and has two cold storage warehouses on the quay side, equipped with marine and oil supply. Construction work is constantly underway here to modernize the facilities.

Mina Rashid is built in an artificially created harbor. It is located closer to the city center, near the districts of Deira (Deira) and Bur Dubai (Bur Dubai). Recent upgrades and renovations have allowed the opening of a passenger terminal that can handle several large cruise liners or ships at the same time, as well as cargo traffic. It is an important connecting sea passenger point between the UAE and other Gulf countries.

Khor Fakkan is a deep-water facility on the east coast of the UAE in the resort town of the same name. A major container shipping seaport capable of handling large container ships and cement carriers.

Al Hamriya is a significant maritime hub in the Middle East region with a land area of over 20 million square meters and an inlet depth of 14 meters. It is also a free economic zone. Its important purpose is to export and re-export cargo bound for the Far East and India.

Dibba Al-Fujairah — A port located in the eastern city of Dibba on the northern coast of the Gulf. It serves coastal vessels. The entrance depth is 5 meters for vessels not longer than 100 meters.

Fujairah — A multifunctional deep-water port with four marine terminals. The southern part of the pier serves general and containerized cargo, while the northern part includes two oil terminals. It has a strategic location as it is connected to all emirates within a 300 km radius and is located on the only east coast of the United Arab Emirates. It also receives small cruise ships as well.

Khalifa is a deep-water port that handles container transportation. It also handles large-size cargoes. Inlet depth — 18.5 meters, favorable location (between Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and extensive international network serves as a crossroads between countries and facilitates global trade.

Musaffah is a deep-water facility located in the Musaffah Industrial Zone in Abu Dhabi. Handles a variety of cargo types, offers services to assist the offshore oil industry, shipbuilding and provides warehousing facilities for various industrial and commercial sectors.

Ras Al Khaimah is a port with numerous available port areas that has the necessary facilities to handle refrigerated, general, liquid and bulk cargo. It also accommodates passenger ships and cruise ships.

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