Best cities to move to for permanent residence

Best cities to move to for permanent residence - Makebiz

The Decoding Mobile Talent 2024 report provided a list of the most attractive cities for relocating to live and work. This may be of particular interest to highly skilled professionals or investors looking for promising overseas destinations. 

Research by job search sites shows that as many as 800 million people may be looking for work outside their home country. Among the most common reasons for relocation, respondents cite economic opportunity, career advancement and the potential for a better quality of life.

Interestingly, of the ten cities featured in the report, two are in the United Arab Emirates. These are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, attractive to more than 14% of respondents. Among the clear advantages noted are the popularity of English for communication right after Arabic, expanded financial opportunities and a stable economy, quality and security of life. London, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, Singapore, Barcelona, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, New York, Berlin, Singapore and Amsterdam also made it to the top. 

In today’s environment, hiring talent from around the world is of great benefit to both employer and employee. It is not only filling the staffing gaps of the organization, but also opportunities for joint growth and development. 

It is worth remembering that when you are employed in the UAE, it is necessary to undergo the procedure of diploma legalization. You can learn more about this process and its peculiarities during a consultation with our specialist. 

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