32 Google Chrome tools, for an Internet marketer

  1. FireShot
    Allows you to take a screenshot of the screen area, the visible part of the screen, as well as the entire page. After that, you can edit the screenshot: crop, highlight important points, «cloud» unnecessary ones, make signatures, etc. All drawn elements can be moved, changed, deleted. You can choose the font type, its size, alignment at the edges and in the middle. You can change the font and background color of the frame. You can not use the frame at all. In general, this program just has a bunch of settings! But its most important advantage is that the created screenshots can be immediately uploaded to the hosting. Neither Awesome Screenshot nor any other extension can compare with Fireshot (and believe me, a lot of them were viewed during the preparation of this material).
  2. Imgur
    A very simple and useful extension for image hosting. To upload files, just drag them into the browser window. To share an image, click «copy link» and send the link to your friend. «Delete» — delete a photo. «Download» — download. «Meme» — make a meme (from your own image or template).
  3. Colorzilla
    With the help of Colorzilla, you can use a pipette to take a color from anywhere in your browser and determine its number. An indispensable thing for designers.
  4. What Font
    A typical situation is that you liked the font on one of the sites, but you don’t know what it’s called. It takes too long to get into the codes and look for the name (and many do not know how to do it at all). And with the What Font extension, you only need a couple of seconds to do this. You just hover the mouse cursor over the word you need and get the font name. It works with both Latin and Cyrillic fonts.
  5. MeasureIt!
    A simple ruler for measuring the size of any selected area.
  6. Search by Image
    If you work in content marketing, you probably constantly use Google’s «Image Search» service (you can use it to search for similar images, as well as larger images). The procedure is as follows: first you copy the link of the picture, then go to Google Pictures, insert the link and click search. Aren’t there a lot of unnecessary actions? With the Search by Image extension, you only need two quick clicks.
  7. Resolution Test
    With Resolution Test, you can see what a web page looks like on different types of screens. You can add any of your own to the standard set of permissions.
  8. User-Agent Switcher
    Allows you to check how your site looks on different types of platforms.
  9. Google Dictionary
    The fastest way to translate the right word into English. You just highlight it and click on the extension icon. Very convenient.
  10. Evernote Web Clipper
    The coolest extension for saving articles, bookmarks, pictures and other content. However, to use it, you need an account in Evernote. Are you not in Evernote yet? So what are you waiting for? We are urgently registering! It’s not for nothing that this service has so many fans.
  11. Simple Adblock
    Blocks ads, pop-ups, and even videos that are played before the main video on Youtube. Definitely a must-have, at least just for the sake of the last function.
  12. Spell Checker for Chrome
    Checks if the spelling is correct. No need to open a word and wait for it to load.
  13. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)
    Allows you to open files in pdf, xls, doc, etc. directly in the browser. You can select only the formats that you need. You can also make exceptions to sites where the extension will not apply.
  14. OneTab
    With the OneTab extension, you can save 95% of browser memory, as well as get rid of clutter on the tab bar. When you have a lot of pages open, you just click on its icon and collapse all the tabs into a neat list. To deploy them, just click on the «Restore it» button.
  15. New Tabs Always Last
    By default, Chrome opens new tabs immediately after the current tab. And with this extension, they will always be the last to open from the right edge.
  16. Shareaholic
    It often happens that you stumble upon interesting material, you want to share it, but it doesn’t work — then the service doesn’t work, then there is no button of the social network that you need. Thanks to Shareaholic, you can always share your favorite content without any problems. The service requires you to create an account (you can log in with Facebook or Twitter in 2 seconds, you have these accounts, right?). Unlike the famous Buffer extension, it provides access to all known and unknown social networks. In the Buffer, only 4 are free (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+). You will have to pay for the rest.
  17. goo.gl URL Shortener
    Allows you to shorten links in one click and track clicks on them.
  18. RiteTag
    Helps you choose the best hashtags by highlighting them in different colors. Green is a good hashtag. Blue is normal. Red is too often used. To be honest, I still didn’t understand whether this extension works in Russian or not, because all the hashtags I entered were «normal», including even such obviously popular words as «love», «marketing» and «photo». For foreign users or those who are promoted in the burzhunet, it will fit perfectly.
  19. Signals by HubSpot
    Allows you to track the «fate» of emails. Has the recipient opened your letter? Have you read it? Clicked on the link? All this can be found out using this extension. The only disadvantage of the plugin is that it only works with gmail.
  20. Dualless
    Divides your monitor into two parts. The size of the windows is configurable.
  21. EXIF Viewer
    Provides access to EXIF image data (camera model, shutter speed, flash usage, matrix size, etc.).
  22. Print Friendly & PDF
    Removes ads, navigation menus, and all other junk before printing a web page. It also allows you to edit a document and save it in pdf format.
  23. Timestats
    Allows you to determine which sites you spend the most time on. Very detailed and sobering statistics.
  24. Block site
    When you understand which sites are your main time-killers, you will probably want to somehow reduce your time spent on them. And since the addiction is already strong enough, you are unlikely to be able to cope without outside help. The solution to this problem is the Block site extension. With it, you can either completely block the site, or specify the time when it should be blocked (for example, during working hours — from 9 to 18). Then you will definitely not be tempted to climb the Contact pages.
  25. Simple Time Track
    A very simple extension. Allows you to add tasks and track their execution time. Works in the background.
  26. RoboForm Lite
    Carefully stores your passwords. Requires registration.
  27. Website statistics from LiveInternet.ru
    Allows you to view detailed statistics on liveinternet on any site where it is installed.
  28. Yandex Wordstat Helper
    For those who are not ready to pay for Key Collector. What-no, but help.
  29. RDS bar
    Extension for quick analysis of the main SEO indicators: TIC, PR, Alexa Rank, Incoming links, etc.
  30. NoFollow
    Finds and highlights the no-follow tag and the no-index meta tag with a red border.
  31. Wappalyzer
    An extension that shows which web technologies were used in the development of a particular site. Shows CMS, installed counters, programming language, etc.
  32. Domain Details
    Shows information about the site and the server. It will be useful for those who are just planning to develop their own website.