Rules for keeping pets in Dubai, UAE

Rules for keeping pets in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

Keeping cats and dogs at home has long been discouraged in the United Arab Emirates. With the increasing influx of foreign residents looking to move their families and pets to the region, the authorities have made some concessions. However, in order to maintain the comfort level of residents and ensure decent conditions for keeping animals, a whole set of rules and regulations for owners of ponytails was developed. 

First of all, animals must be registered in the UAE veterinary clinic, have a chip and all necessary vaccination certificates. It is important to be vaccinated against different types of diseases in time. For each violation there are fines from 200 dirhams. 

It should be noted that some types of animals do not require vaccinations, but must have a permit for import into the country and original health certificates. Among them: guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, iguanas, parrots, turtles and others. Exotic animals are not allowed to be kept at home. 

There are a number of requirements for keeping and walking dogs, in addition to those already mentioned above:

  • Pit bulls, Argentine dogs, Staffordshire terriers and breeds bred by crossbreeding with the wolf are prohibited;
  • before moving in, it is important to clarify whether this is allowed in the development in question;
  • Marina Walk, JBR, The Palm and Dubai Marina are among the areas where walking is prohibited;
  • walking is only allowed on a dog leash in designated areas under the constant supervision of the owner;
  • animals must be kept clean. 

In Dubai there is a particularly strict control over compliance with the rules of import, walking and care of animals. Failure to comply with at least one of them entails heavy fines.

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